The purpose of Solid Hole

Solid Hole is a small site with one single focus. We believe that every person has the right to water supply for personal and domestic use. This is what we call fair distribution of water.

The purpose of SolidHole.Net is to advocate for fair distribution of water. We do that by encouraging our visitors and T-shirt buyers to donate to any of the water projects we recommend on The water projects page.

There are short presentations of the recommended projects on The water projects page. If you want to donate to a water project you will have to click the link to that project´s donation page, and make your donation directly to the project.

Nothing has changed and everything has changed. Fair distribution of water. This is how Solid Holes think about water and it is what a Solid Hole T-shirt stands for.

Solid Hole

Solid Hole T-shirt store

Solid Hole T-shirt store