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A solid hole and Water in your eyes

A solid hole
Solid holes like to mix music with water. In fact, the name Solid Hole is taken from the song A solid hole, by Per Bronco Karlsson and Tibet in reverse.

The song is about Mia, who comes to a point when she realizes that she must turn her perception of reality inside out, she must lose the world of objects and find a solid hole, the opposite to a hole, if she wants to stop falling into holes and get anywhere at all. Just about the same way we have to act on water if we want humans to have a future on this planet.

That is why the link to the song, with lyrics displayed, is called Mia´s reason and placed under the Social menu. But that version is a few years old. There is a newer remastered version of A solid hole, free to stream on Soundcloud.

Water in your Eyes
The song Water in your Eyes is a personal reflection of the water situation on our planet. The song is released in 2015 on Per Bronco´s album All Rickety Here. Planet Earth is thought of as Bunny, a “lonely little planet with water in your eyes”. The guy in the song loves Bunny, and when they fuck like rabbits under the sky they are the human and Planet Earth making love. And for some reason that the human can´t understand Bunny is on his side.

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Solid Hole – Fair distribution of water

Solid Hole – Fair distribution of water